But Really, Are Potential Employers Reading Your Tweets?

Posting on social media (or even on this blog) can cause me immense anxiety. I have so much that I want to say, but so many fears about saying it. Are these song lyrics going to prevent me from getting the job of my dreams (even though I’m just sharing them ’cause they’re totally stuck in my head)? Is this opinion going to result in a future employer thinking less of me?

I probably delete around 20% of my tweets within the first two minutes of posting them, just because I don’t want my words to be misconstrued.

Honestly, part of the reason social media makes me so nervous because I don’t want my personal thoughts as a user of the internet to influence my professional standing, especially at this pivotal time in my life where I’m applying to full-time positions. I’d like to think that I generally don’t post anything that would make one think less of me as candidate, but how can I be sure?

69% of employers have rejected a candidate as a result of what they’ve seen on social media. Maintaining one’s social profile is almost like holding down a second full-time job as one’s own Public Relations team.

I guess the simple solution would be to stop using social media so actively, but it’s a double-edged sword. I love what social media stands for and what one can do with it. I love communicating with others, interacting with people I wouldn’t normally have the chance to interact with, and the myriad of other affordances different social networks allow. I love having relevant news and information at my fingertips (..though I could live without the companies running the sites mining my profile for data.)

Here’s a cool infographic produced by Reppler about ways that employers are screening applicants:

How much thought do you put into creating your social presence? Will this data influence your posting habits? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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