What Podcasts Should I Be Listening To?

The post may have Serial Season 1 spoilers, read at your own risk.

Lately, I can’t get enough of podcasts.

My fascination started somewhere in the range of 4 to 6 months ago. After exhausting all of my favorite Sirius XM radio stations I decided to finally check out Serial.


Within the first 10 minutes of season 1, episode 1 I was hooked. Getting into the game late, I was able to listen to the entire first season at my leisure. Sarah Koenig instantly became a constant on my commute. I found myself entranced by the mystery of Hae Min’s death, and with Adnan’s part in it or lack thereof.

After finishing season one, I was incredibly sad. No, sad’s not the right word. Empty. I hated the lack resolve and I was hungry to know what Adnan’s future held.

I tried getting into season 2… but Bowe Bergdahl’s story didn’t resonate with me as deeply. Maybe because it was so separate from my own world, whereas the mystery of Hae Min is something that I *could* have experienced… but really, who knows? I made it halfway through Serial season 2 before giving up and taking a step away from podcasts until the Adnan updates started coming… but then they stopped, and again, so did I.

Recently, I found myself sick of my iPod’s shuffle, and hungry for something new to do on my commutes.


Not knowing where to start, I’ve just begun downloading single episodes from podcasts at the top of my charts on my free iPhone app. I’ve been listening to Pop Culture Happy Hour, This American Life, Ask Me Another, NPR politics (because I know nowhere near enough about this election, but don’t hate me – I’ve got CNN on now and am trying!), and I’ve got What You Missed In History Class, and Beautiful/Anonymous episodes in my queue.

Here’s where you come in, friends. Do you have a podcast you can’t get enough of? Please share it with me in the comments! I love entertainment (tv, movies, music), lifestyle stories, and learning new things. There’s so much content out there just waiting to be consumed, and so I’m putting out an official SOS because I need help figuring out where to start.



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