Missed you.

To the one or two people who are brought to my blog daily according to my analytics, welcome. Sorry, I haven’t written in a while. I was losing that whole battle with the future for a bit. Who knew transitioning into “adulthood” would be so difficult?

I’ve missed writing here, and I hoping to start posting here regularly again. Things have changed tremendously from the last time I was here – except, not really.

People have come, people have gone. I’ve had my heart broken to the point where the damage felt irreparable. I’ve fallen very deeply for someone brand-new, wonderful, and who is basically the human equivalent of starshine. Friendships I thought would last forever came to sad and unexpected ends. Friendships I know will last forever continue to get stronger everyday. I transitioned through several jobs, and am currently in a position where I don’t mind my not-so-awesome commute because I get paid to come in and do what I love.

What hasn’t killed me has made me stronger. After a truly and unforgettably awful 2015, 2016 has been back with a vengeance – and that means I am too.

People of the internet, if you’re reading this, I hope things have started getting better for you too. I hope you are doing things that make you happy, while surrounded by people who love you, build you up, and support you.

I’m excited to fight the future with you.


Music Monday: Ho Ho Hopefully // The Maine

This is the first December 1st I’ve actually spent in a foreign state. This song feels even more relevant than usual while I’m out here in California.

West Coast Rush

December 1st, I’m in a foreign state, I’m running late, I’m all alone wishing I was home with you baby

It’s December 1st; I had to do it. This will always be my favorite Christmas song and it will be on repeat for the rest of today. Enjoy.

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Does Posting About Diverse Interests Prevent Follower Growth?

I’m a gal with a lot of interests. Since I’ve started this blog (less than a week ago) I’ve written about topics varying from marketing/loyalty programs to my guilty pleasure reality TV addiction. And I’ve got to admit, I’m sort of worried that no one will want to follow me because they can’t necessarily count on me for consistency, at least not in terms of the kind of content I’m producing.

Of course this makes me really curious: is there only room in the world to build a following if your posts are always targeted? For my sake, I sure hope not.

This sudden fear also stems from a recent desire to really take advantage of everything that Twitter has to offer. Unlike other social networking sites, I feel like Twitter’s primary affordance is that it gives you the opportunity to connect with people across the globe who share your quirky niche interests, but who you don’t necessarily know in real life. As cool as that is, and as much as that’s what draws me to the site, I’m sure 15 year old pop punk teeny boppers won’t always share the same interests as fancy shamncy marketing specialists who decided to follow my twitter.

The things is, as much as I really would like to build a network of individuals I can connect with about each of of my passions, I don’t want to have to split myself into multiple personas. I don’t to want to have to run multiple blogs or multiple twitter accounts to feel as though I’m allowed to interact with a particular group of people. What I do want is to be respected no matter who I’m interacting with.

I feel like most people must struggle with this if they share my goal of developing some sort of following. We, as people, are multi-layered individuals. We have a variety of passions, interests, and things we care about. So why are we (the collective we, all people), as followers, only interested in following people who talk exclusively about whatever topic stems our interest. Why aren’t we more interested in getting to know people on a deeper level?

A quick example: when I first started using Tumblr I maxed out when I hit about 100 followers on my blog, but when I decided to create a niche blog with content that was exclusively water color and art themed my number followers sky-rocketed to 3,200. If I still used that account I’m sure that number would be higher, but it’s exhausting to only embrace one side of yourself; it forces you to ignore all the other little things that makes you who you are.

Granted, since I’ve started writing here people have been following me, so maybe it is possible to live in that best of all worlds. Though, I have a sneaking suspicion a few of them are just looking for the follow back, but hey that’s cool. I can respect that, and provided your posts are in English (or maaaaybe French if you catch me on a good day) I’ll happily follow you back, read, and potentially comment on your innermost thoughts and opinions.

I guess only time will tell if interactivity will grow on this blog or on my twitter.

Anyway, let me know what you think about posting (or tweeting) about a variety of topics versus only about one subject. What about following someone who does this?

(To any current or new followers reading this: I really appreciate you and would love to connect and get to know you better. Feel free to connect with me on Twitter – @jujubeesx, and let’s chat!)



P.S. I’m sorry this post didn’t have any cute memes – I really couldn’t think of any that would mesh with this post!)

Hey there, world!

Isn’t that how you’re supposed to start a brand new blog or webpage? I think that’s what my Intro to Digital tools teacher told our class before she taught us Dreamweaver, haha.

But ANYWAY – hey there, internet. My name is Julia. I felt as though I needed a new outlet to share my thoughts, feelings, and opinions about everything from “how is it possible you spelled my name incorrectly in that email if my email address literally has my name in it,” to “opportunity knocked: you’re moving across the country for three months – get stoked!”

A little about me: I’m a recent graduate from NYU who studied Media, Culture, and Communication and minored in the Business, of Entertainment, Media and Technology as an undergrad. I’m currently pursuing a career on the business side of the entertainment industry – specifically kids and family entertainment. While New York is my home (and the greatest city on Earth), I’m currently living the LA life, and will be until the end of the year.

I like music a lot, a lot. For a very long time I was adamant about #DefendingPopPunk, but now I guess I’ve accepted that if you like it that’s cool and if ya don’t, that’s cool too.

I was never into Man Overboard, but I still thought this was the coolest fan phrase.

My latest obsessions have actually been a step away from the teenyboppers with the brightly-colored hair. I’ve been listening to Neon Trees, A Great Big World, Vampire Weekend, etc. I’m not exactly what genre they are, or if they’re all even in the same genre, but I like them. I have also finally accepted my love affair with The Beatles. Boy, do I love The Beatles.

Moving far away and not having any real friends, I’ve found solace in both reading and Netflix. But mostly Netflix. Speaking of TV-viewing (see what I did there?), my favorite show of all-time would have to by either Boy Meets World or The Office (US). I honestly could not tell you which. As for what’s currently on I watch Once Upon a Time, How to Get Away with Murder, About a Boy, Black-ish, and New Girl. (Dear Mindy Kaling, I would love to watch The Mindy Project, but it’s not streaming on Netflix or Amazon – so how can I catch up? Sincerely, a wannabe fan. P.S. Just finished your book and loved it.)

To be completely honest, I just bought it because it felt especially relevant as I spend every weekend in California watching my friends from back home plan their days off in our GroupMe.

If I’m being completely honest, that’s probably all you need to know about me for now. I’m sure you’ll learn more as this blog continues to grow.

If you’re still reading I already love you and can tell we’re going to be friends. Stay golden.