Local Legends Festival – Coming to RickeyFarm in NJ this weekend!

Something EPIC is coming to the tri-state area this weekend. If you love music (especially local artists), camping, and cultural experiences you’re not going to want to miss this one!


This weekend marks the inaugural Local Legends Festival. Brought to you by Monroe Legends Entertainment, this festival identifies itself as “a sanctuary for musical and artistic experiences.” Created out of the infamous backyard bash “Trevboozle,” that drew more the 500 music lovers to backyard shows in NJ, this festival aims to maintain that intimate feel by “breaking down the standard spectator/performer roles by direct interaction and camping,” causing event attendees to “feel right at home with our local community of friends.”

In addition to two full days of music (Friday & Saturday) featuring 80 of the area’s most popular artists across four stages, you’ll also find a craft vendor market, live art demos, many of your favorite food trucks, and a Super Smash Bros tournament with cash prizes! Yes, you read that correctly, CASH prizes!

The event is being held at RickeyFarm (442 RT-94) in Vernon, NJ from 9AM Friday, June 10 through 12PM Sunday, June 12.


Get more details from their Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1285894511426053/

I’ll be there & I hope you will be, too!


IMO: A Definitive Ranking of the Tracks on Everything In Transit

For a very long time Jack’s Mannequin was my “all-time” favorite band. To be honest, I’m not really sure why. I never really got into their second or third albums – but that first album, Everything In Transit, changed my life in the best way. It just sorta made me understand why music mattered. I think I first heard their music on a mixed cd when I was 15 or 16, and I’ve been hooked ever since.

Quite possibly my favorite album of all time.

To this day, if I’m feeling bummed and need to feel like someone out there gets me, I’ll play this album and let Andrew McMahon sing me back to sanity. It works every time.

What follows is a ranking of the album from worst least best track to best (there are no bad tracks on this album). As well as my favorite lyric or two from each, because anything I could say about each song just wouldn’t feel like enough.

Without further ado, here’s the list:

11) La La Lie 
Every scene was a sign, we made out through their meaning.

10) The Mixed Tape
This mix could burn a hole in anyone, but it was you I was thinking of.

9) Kill the Messenger 
Oh my god, this hurts like hell.

8) Holiday From Real
You are my favorite sweater, being poor was never better.

7) Into the Airwaves
It’s gonna be a hard day, so hang on – don’t panic, don’t panic there simply is no need.

6) MFEO (Parts 1 and 2)
I still live with my high school friends, some people never change at all.
You waited for me in the rain, in the parking lot. Cold hands, lips blue, clothes stuck to you.

5) Bruised
Sometimes perfection can be perfect hell.

4) Dark Blue
Have you ever been alone in a crowded room? Well, I’m here with you.

3) I’m Ready
As I’m finding the words, you’re getting away.
I need caffeine to the bloodstream, I take caffeine to the bloodstream.

2) Rescued
Don’t you think I wish that I could stay? Your lips gave you away.
I’m finally numb, so please don’t get me rescued. 

1) Miss Delaney
In no time there’ll be one less sad robot, looking for a chance to be something more than just metal.
Where’s your boyfriend? He isn’t up in heaven so why treat him like he’s dead?

Agree? Disagree? Let me know in the comments below and let’s discuss! If there’s one thing I could talk about forever, it’s this album.

Until next time.


Hey there, world!

Isn’t that how you’re supposed to start a brand new blog or webpage? I think that’s what my Intro to Digital tools teacher told our class before she taught us Dreamweaver, haha.

But ANYWAY – hey there, internet. My name is Julia. I felt as though I needed a new outlet to share my thoughts, feelings, and opinions about everything from “how is it possible you spelled my name incorrectly in that email if my email address literally has my name in it,” to “opportunity knocked: you’re moving across the country for three months – get stoked!”

A little about me: I’m a recent graduate from NYU who studied Media, Culture, and Communication and minored in the Business, of Entertainment, Media and Technology as an undergrad. I’m currently pursuing a career on the business side of the entertainment industry – specifically kids and family entertainment. While New York is my home (and the greatest city on Earth), I’m currently living the LA life, and will be until the end of the year.

I like music a lot, a lot. For a very long time I was adamant about #DefendingPopPunk, but now I guess I’ve accepted that if you like it that’s cool and if ya don’t, that’s cool too.

I was never into Man Overboard, but I still thought this was the coolest fan phrase.

My latest obsessions have actually been a step away from the teenyboppers with the brightly-colored hair. I’ve been listening to Neon Trees, A Great Big World, Vampire Weekend, etc. I’m not exactly what genre they are, or if they’re all even in the same genre, but I like them. I have also finally accepted my love affair with The Beatles. Boy, do I love The Beatles.

Moving far away and not having any real friends, I’ve found solace in both reading and Netflix. But mostly Netflix. Speaking of TV-viewing (see what I did there?), my favorite show of all-time would have to by either Boy Meets World or The Office (US). I honestly could not tell you which. As for what’s currently on I watch Once Upon a Time, How to Get Away with Murder, About a Boy, Black-ish, and New Girl. (Dear Mindy Kaling, I would love to watch The Mindy Project, but it’s not streaming on Netflix or Amazon – so how can I catch up? Sincerely, a wannabe fan. P.S. Just finished your book and loved it.)

To be completely honest, I just bought it because it felt especially relevant as I spend every weekend in California watching my friends from back home plan their days off in our GroupMe.

If I’m being completely honest, that’s probably all you need to know about me for now. I’m sure you’ll learn more as this blog continues to grow.

If you’re still reading I already love you and can tell we’re going to be friends. Stay golden.