Missed you.

To the one or two people who are brought to my blog daily according to my analytics, welcome. Sorry, I haven’t written in a while. I was losing that whole battle with the future for a bit. Who knew transitioning into “adulthood” would be so difficult?

I’ve missed writing here, and I hoping to start posting here regularly again. Things have changed tremendously from the last time I was here – except, not really.

People have come, people have gone. I’ve had my heart broken to the point where the damage felt irreparable. I’ve fallen very deeply for someone brand-new, wonderful, and who is basically the human equivalent of starshine. Friendships I thought would last forever came to sad and unexpected ends. Friendships I know will last forever continue to get stronger everyday. I transitioned through several jobs, and am currently in a position where I don’t mind my not-so-awesome commute because I get paid to come in and do what I love.

What hasn’t killed me has made me stronger. After a truly and unforgettably awful 2015, 2016 has been back with a vengeance – and that means I am too.

People of the internet, if you’re reading this, I hope things have started getting better for you too. I hope you are doing things that make you happy, while surrounded by people who love you, build you up, and support you.

I’m excited to fight the future with you.